Warehouse Audit and Performance Management

Warehouse Audit and Performance Management

Efficient Warehouse Management will optimize material handling processes, reduce labor costs, improve facility utilization, increase order accuracy and provide innovative services to customers. It will support inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics, finished, raw and work-in-process materials, manufacturing and distribution environments and advanced value-added services such as kitting and cross docking.


  • The Scope of Warehouse Management's Responsibilities
  • Determination of Priorities; Planning, Assignment and Delegation of Work
  • Contributions to Budget and Cost Control
  • Managing the Warehousing Organization of Today and Tomorrow
  • The Importance of Motivation in Warehousing Management
  • Labor Relations in Warehousing Management
  • Improving Warehouse Productivity
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators
  • Measuring, Appraising and Improving Contribution to Profits from Warehousing Operations
  • Developing a Realistic Action Plan to Increase Warehouse Productivity at Your Company

Seminar Details

  • Dates :July 17th - 19th
  • Fee :₦150,000.00
  • Location :Lagos, Nigeria