Multimix Academy host her first Round Table Conference On Supply Chain Restructuring

May 31, 2022 | Upcoming Events | 0 comments

Multimix Academy, Nigeria’s leading Supply chain Management, Logistics, and business process training academy, held her first-ever Roundtable Conference with stakeholders to provide required value to the trade industry and a curriculum review with the industry’s big-shots in participation.

The purpose of the Roundtable Conference was to design and update our curriculum to meet up with the needs, interests, and learning areas that members of the industry need in their place of work, as Multimix Academy has incessantly provided consistent value and proficient leadership in the global trade sector.

The major highlight of the Roundtable Conference was the division of participants into groups that focused on Supply Chain, Procurement and Sourcing, Logistics and Warehousing, and International Trade. The purpose of the session, was for the executives to draw from their personal experiences working with colleagues, subordinates, and stakeholders in the field to create real-life situations within the Nigerian environment.

Furthermore, the new brand identity of Multimix Academy was unveiled during the roundtable conference. The Managing Director, Mrs. Oluchi Okafor, stated that the current business environment in Nigeria, driven by innovations in technology and knowledge, is the reason for the change of brand identity. She further stated that in the last two decades Multimix Academy has been at the forefront of providing Logistics and Supply Chain Education in Nigeria.