PGD Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The re-birth of the premier PGD Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and the introduction of first of its kind in Nigeria: – Post Graduate Diploma in Cold Chain Logistics is a mandatory program for business success in Nigeria that you absolutely CANNOT afford to miss.⁣

This collaboration has helped improve the supply chain and logistics processes of several organizations dispersed around the country, and successfully certified over 700 industry leaders in THE Logistics and Supply Chain industry in Nigeria.⁣

We bring to you, on a silver platter, a beneficial, easy to access, and affordable world class program that would equip you with the relevant strategies to successfully navigate the business world in Nigeria, and overcome the challenges in your industry.⁣

That’s not all; we are also introducing to you a blended mode of learning which comprises of Video conferencing, physical classes, and also live streaming. You can experience this life-changing, business-revolutionizing program from any of our 5 study centers located across the geographical zones.⁣

Now is the right time to tap into the fastest-growing career in the world, don’t be left out, take advantage of this important and extremely useful opportunity.⁣

Improve your Supply chain; improve your business, Improve YOU!

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