MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Warehousing is critical in businesses not only as an unavoidable cost of doing business but also as an assurance for high-level customer service. World-class warehousing improves customer service; enhances cost reduction measures; mitigates supply chain inefficiencies; enables product accumulation, customization, and consolidation as well as improving overall business logistics and inventory management. To sustain competitive advantage a business must effectively manage its warehouse operations. The effective administration of a warehouse dictates the success or failure rate of customer service policies and maximized returns in the organization. This course examines the principles and practices of modern warehousing. Particular emphasis is focused on understanding how warehousing can be used as a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. This course investigates and defines the activities and functions common to most warehouses as it develops an understanding of the principles of modern warehousing within the context of the global economy. Upon completion, students will be able to analyze and assess warehousing needs and conceptually design warehousing solutions.

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