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As the supply chain industry continues to evolve, the margin of error within the supply chain management gets thinner and thinner. A simple mistake can cause your business to lose millions and billions of naira or even lead to your fire. But kudos to supply chain management software(s). It has never been easier for organizations and firms to avoid some pitfalls. Supply chain management tools and techniques have made it very possible for users to reduce or even avoid errors unnecessary costs. Here we will discuss the top 10 different types of supply chain management software that makes operations much easier.


The SAP SCM is a key module in SAP ERP. It controls production planning, business forecasting and demand planning. With SAP you can save more time in forecasting and gain a global view of the data keeping your supply chain running.


Improves communication

Increases data visibility

Boost customer’s satisfaction

Accurate forecasting

Better inventory cost

Reduces costs

Features of SAP

Its helps companies to improve and optimize end-to-end procure to-pay process

Predictive analysis: Predictive functions keeps supply chain ahead of demand while meeting profitable goals.

Multiple supply chain modules: provides modules focused on optimizing the supply chain. Such as advanced planning and optimization, Sap transportation management, Warehouse management and more.

Transportation management: schedule deliveries and drivers with SAP scheduling tools to keep shipments running on time. Using SAP’s R/3 system, transfers, purchase orders, returns and created deliveries to the advanced planning and optimization module.


Demand planning is stronger than supply planning.

Does not support multi-language functionality

Not suitable for small and medium scale enterprises


This helps to connect your supply network with an integrated suite of cloud business applications designed and built to outpace change. With multiple functions supporting planning and logistics, Oracle tackles all of the major pain points supply chains often face in order to boost productivity.


Exceeds customers’ expectations with connected sales and service

Maximum manufacturing efficiency

Optimizes business performance

Digitizes the supply chain


Better collaboration and visibility of data that helps supply chain managers to plan and forecast as well as they can.

Plans ahead to reduce inventory and prevent detrimental issues with manufacturing.

Manages demand by forecasting how much product is needed and when.

It discovers successful promotion tactics for your operations to maximize ROI.

It automates a number of time-intensive warehousing operations and allows managers task their employees with more duties.


Epicor offers supply chain management (SCM) solution that helps users to organize data, functionality and reporting into a single suite. The solution provides tools that organizes operations across the total value chain. It is suitable for mid-sized and large enterprises and can be deployed both on premise and in the cloud. It can be integrated with other systems and allows users to manage inventory and track customers and inventory shipments.


Helps achieve profitable goals including automated route scheduling systems that integrate GPS, mileage, digital mapping data and driving directions to support a customer’s distribution needs worldwide.

It simultaneously handles make-to-order, make-to-stock and engineer-to-order processing, providing a flexibility to review and update plans as demand changes.


This a global unique network for multi-enterprise supply chain activities. The network connects businesses to their entire supply chain—from suppliers and manufacturers, to brokers, 3PLs, and banks—paving the way for enhanced supply chain visibility, collaboration, and predictive intelligence. Infor Nexus is the only network of its kind to marry both physical and financial supply chain operations in a unified, cloud-based platform. Its applications combines advanced planning, execution, and finance capabilities, giving businesses the ability to intelligently sense and respond to the many changes that take place in the supply chain each day.


Improves supply chain performance

Increases products profitability by pin pointing and eliminating processes

Eliminates and identifies delays before they turn into problems, reducing variability

Generates a lean supply chain by managing and controlling in-transit inventory

Better supplier relationship

Improves order fulfillment


This is an integrated procurement and distribution solution for firms who seek to reduce costs through improved supply chain processes and more effective supply management.


Optimizes the entire vendor relationship

Controls purchasing expenses and processes

Transforms the way items are received, delivered and replenished. Extends the value of your supply chain.


Sage Business Cloud X3 allows its users to collect data from various workflows and use those insights to inform and streamline operations. Automation can be implemented between processes such as sales and financial management to reduce the manual time spent on data entry and tedious communication among departments. For example, with Sage, the sales team could give discounts on products and have them instantly reflected in the financial system upon receipt of payment.

This tool is available as both an on premise and a cloud-based solution. It isn’t catered towards a specific industry or business size, which makes it a potential option for a variety of businesses. Sage offers a range of software that can be integrated relatively easily with this program so that you can customize your solution based on your specific needs. External services can also be implemented through APIs.


Integration Capability: Integration is a key component of this tool. As a Sage offering, it can be easily coupled with other products that Sage offers, such as Sage Pay. You can also integrate external services through APIs to further customize your solution.

Accessibility: This program is accessible via Android and iOS devices. It contains an HTML5 interface that allows you to personalize the system for your own needs. Because cloud-based software is an option, you can access Sage X3 anytime and anywhere if you opt for that deployment method.

Information Security: Sage X3 is compliant with various security standards such as LDAP, OAuth2 and SAML2. It traces modifications and allows you to set user accessibility at different levels so that your employees can only view information that pertains to their workflows.


This platform provides a suite of management tools that are designed for larger and more complex operations. Applications for both warehouse and transportation management are included in this solution as well.

With this system, users can leverage analytical tools, dashboards, data visibility applications and more while executing vital supply chain processes. Included tools help users discover stagnant inventory, manage critical supply chain tasks and benefit from a wealth of data.


Better Data Visibility: Manhattan Associates Software’s SCM solution provides a beneficial bird’s eye view of critical processes. Data gathered from these tasks allows managing staff to properly plan ahead and make educated decisions.

Leverage the Cloud: This platform is available as a cloud-based solution which comes with a number of benefits. Upgrades can be implemented in real time, while important project documentation can be safely stored in the cloud.

Balance Costs: This software solution helps balance and cut costs associated with transportation and inventory management while keeping service levels relevant.

Reduce Errors: Decreasing errors not only cuts back on the costs of correcting them, but it also strengthens customer trust. Automating tedious manual tasks that require input from employees helps reduce problems related to human error.

Key Features

Warehouse Management: This solution from Manhattan Software provides unique functions dedicated to optimizing warehousing tasks. Streamline inventory placement and increase accuracy throughout critical warehouse processes.

Inventory Management: Manhattan Associates Supply Chain also includes valuable inventory optimization tools. With these, clients can reduce inventory numbers while also discovering stagnant product taking up valuable space.

Value-Added Services: Operations that provide kitting and other value-added services can access functions based on these processes and continue providing them to their clients.



JDA’s Supply Chain Now™ is a fully maintained solution offering, delivered via the JDA Private Cloud. Supply Chain Now™ delivers a return on investment with reduced risk in as fast as four months. JDA’s solution combines unparalleled speed of deployment with the advanced capabilities that have made JDA a leading provider of supply chain management technology.


Impact the bottom line by responding more quickly to consumer demand, reducing inventory and operations costs, improving customer service and optimizing supply chain strategies.

Establish a foundation for growth, so supply chain capabilities can be expanded to meet the needs of the business as it grows in volume and complexity”

Access supply chain best practices proven by some of the world’s foremost manufacturers


OMP Plus acts as one system of record and is highly praised by analysts for this. So, it is a one stop solution for all planning functions, with a common, in-memory integrated data model for optimal performance and scalable architecture.


Helps in order allocation or forecast consumption as well as material allocation, providing the best match between demand and supply at multiple planning functions.

Ensure instant collaboration between all participants in the supply chain.



Elementum is a Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) based solution with a focus on protecting customers from unplanned exceptions with powerful incident management tools. Identifying and mitigating issues before they become full-blown problems strengthens customer satisfaction and saves resources meant for damage control.

Its cloud-based and on premise deployment strategies can benefit enterprises of all sizes, and it can automate numerous daily tasks. Customization portals boost collaboration across the entire supply chain, further speeding up unplanned exception resolution.


Learn From Incident Histories: Users can view and analyze incident histories to strengthen future processes and tasks. Dashboards within the system allow users to find and surface problems while keeping track of incident trends.

Leverage Reports and Analytical Tools: Elementum can capture unplanned exceptions and identify patterns to help users identify the root of a problem without wasting time looking for information. Each report can be personalized to the person viewing it so users have the most relevant data at their disposal.

Improve Collaboration: Quickly sharing information is vital to a successful supply chain. Elementum provides portals for suppliers, stakeholders and more to facilitate rapid communication and visibility across the entire supply chain.

Key Features

Analytics and Reporting Tools: Elementum automatically generates actionable insights from supply chain data, letting employees focus on deciding how to move forward. The system pulls data from all corners of the supply chain and creates comprehensive reports focused on optimizing all aspects of the business.

Incident Management: Elementum’s platform works to resolve incidents as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Instead of manually searching through information, users can use Elementum’s inbox of prioritized problems so they can decide what needs attention first.

Automatic Alerts: You can be ready to respond to problems before they become costly issues for clients. The system can automatically send out alerts when a customer’s order is at risk and gives employees time to fix it before damage is done.


Larger data sets require a PC interface, but the solution can run on mobile platforms

Elementum is tightly coupled with Flextronics and requires SDK to allow customers access to their own supply chain data


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