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Logistics &
Supply Chain management

Enroll with Internationally Accredited Advanced Supply Chain Logistics Course with Expert Trainers. Speak with one of our consultants for your Industry Specific Designed Courseware.


We specialize in getting positive change to happen while also supplying your people with the tools and know-how to keep them moving forward.


Our Export Management Service is especially crucial to companies wishing to penetrate new markets or expand their current exporting business ..

Nigeria's Foremost Thought Leader in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

We are headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with our reach across Africa. Since 1997 we have provided services in several industries including pharmaceuticals, warehousing, manufacturing, etc. Our expertise has been employed by over 50 companies across the African continent and we are partnered with more than 10 reputable international certifiying bodies.

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What We Offer

Some of our services include:

  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    from the Malaysian University of Science and Technology
  • Certifications in International Trade and Logistics
  • Export Consulting and Financing
  • Business Process ImprovementRunning
  • HR and Recruitment Outsourcing Services

Helping You Become
Indispensable To The Multinational

Our various arms provide services and certifications that cut across all departments of your organisation

We Also Offer Several

Our certifications give you skills that are very applicable in several industries including Telecoms, Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing

Distance Learning

We support distance learning for our certifications and we have web-based tests.

Premium Content

As thought leaders in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, we provided you with the best resources.

Your Money's Worth

Our certifications present you with the opportunity to join one of the most lucrative industries in the world.


All of our students have recorded considerable growth in their careers since being certified by us.

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Here at Multimix, we also have an equipped learning center available for your seminars, retreats, trainings, web examinations, etc.